NGO Project: Our Only Home

”We are the first generation to feel the climate change and the last generation who can do something about it."‘Our Only Home’ was an initiative by Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE in association with Bigger Than Life NGO, to create awareness about the environmental problems faced by the planet. In this project, the club designed a very unique and interesting pattern with practical implementation of the knowledge. The focus of this project was to create a sense of awareness amongst the children of the NGO.


The Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE under the guidance of Mr. Avideep Gaikawad, one of the founders of the Bigger Than Life, started a new project for the children under the NGO. The Communication and Ethics program was designed to make the children coming from lower strata of society more adaptable to live in a world which offers a plethora of opportunities to them. The program involved an hourly session with the young children wherein topics ranging from grammar and elocution techniques to manners and etiquettes, and career goals were discussed.


Green Hands project was conducted on 7th August, on the occasion of Friendship Day. It was an initiative by the Rotary Club of Bombay Bandra, and it was supported by the Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE, in association with the NGO, Bigger Than Life, to spread awareness about the importance of trees. A tree plantation drive was conducted at the BTL Santa Cruz branch, where the children of the NGO planted sapling, following which, a session about the proper ways to take care of plants was conducted.


The state of Kerala was affected by severe floods in August 2018. In order to extend a helping hand for the victims of the Kerala Floods, The Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE conducted a donation drive from 23rd August to 29th August in association with the NGO Goonj. The drive received a massive response from the college students and faculties. Clothes, toiletries, and food items were donated in a huge number. The collected items were donated to the NGO and were send to Kerala.


Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. Especially the dogs - be it in our locality or our houses. Recognizing this, the Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE organised an event known as 'Paws For A Cause' for the first time this year. The event took place at 'Welfare of Stray Dogs', Mahalakshmi, where the stray dogs were sterilised and vaccinated. The volunteers were taken to this shelter and were educated about how the dogs are endangered and how they could be saved. Rotaract Club will look forward to events like these and keep on helping animals.