The footslog i.e. the annual trek is an initiative taken by the Rotaract club of FR.CRCE to build companionship amongst the students of various BE courses. It was a trek amidst nature that the Visapur Fort had to offer. It was a one day trek and the guarantee of their safety was taken by the Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE. This trek was scheduled on the 14th of September.



Footpool is a combination of football and pool. The game is to be played individually wherein every player is given a time limit of 90 seconds. The game consists of 6 balls arranged in the formation of 3-2-1, allotted with the points 20, 50 & 100 each. The player has to pot the balls in the pockets with a striker ball.

The Amazing Race


Every one of us has dreamed of becoming 'Sherlock Holmes' or Captain 'Jack Sparrow' at least once in our lives. Be it to find a treasure or solve a case or to unravel a mystery. Well, that opportunity was given to the students of Fr. CRCE College by the 'Rotaract Club Of Fr. CRCE'. On 30th August, 2019 an event known as Amazing race was organized by the club. A treasure hunt in all over Bandra took place in this event. It was organized during 'Synergy' that is the first college fest of Fr. CRCE. This event started in college and the participants had to find multiple clues. They had to race all over Bandra for finding clues & performing various tasks allotted to them at that particular location. All the participants were enthusiastic throughout the event. The winners were felicitated with exciting prizes & gift vouchers.

Mic Drop


Mic Drop is one of the biggest event organized by Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE. As the name suggests the event consist of different artists coming to perform from different domains to entertain the crowd with their singing, poetry, music or comedy. The event was organized on 9th October 2019 consisting of :-

  • Munawar Faruqui (Comedian and Host)
  • Simar singh (Poet)
  • Kajol Srinivasan (Poet)
  • Natham Gomes (Comedian)
  • Yeda Anna (Rapper and free style music creator)
  • Samay Raina (Comedian and Winner of Comicstaan Season 2)

Heart and Sole Run


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"- as rightly quoted by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam spreads light on the importance of education and its awareness. Taking this into consideration, the Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE organized the 'Heart & Sole Run 3.0' on 1st of March, 2020. It was a flagship event and was done to help and support an NGO - Bigger Than Life working towards the welfare of children. More than 200 families from slums and low income areas were helped from all over Mumbai through this event. This event consisted of 4 types of runs with respect to the distance covered - 1.5 km race, 5 km race - Joy run, 10 km - Dream run, 15 km - Triumph run. There were more than 600 participants who enthusiastically participated in this event. Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE will continue to host such events and raise awareness about education while doing so.