Category: Horror


I was all alone moving into a new town for college. I wasn’t familiar with the places yet, except for my house and school and the bus stop to get there.
One day I made a new friend at school and we agreed to see a movie the next weekend. I didn’t know where the cinema was but I didn’t want to seem weird and ask, so I just thought I’d figure it out with the directory at the bus stop.
The weekend came and I rode the last bus going to the direction of the cinema. As I hopped in, everyone was looking at me in a weird, grinny, manner.
I ignored it since it was the last ride and I didn’t want to lose my only friend by bailing. I sat on an empty seat, still an hour before the movie.
On our first bus stop, i looked out the window and searched for a sign on where I am now. There were no people, only a lady in a trench coat and bowler hat was waiting.
She looked confused and startled when she saw me while looking for a seat. She immediately walked towards my direction and sat in the seat beside me.
“What are you doing on this bus?” She asked. “Im going to the movies.” She looked around and said “they’re cannibals. This bus drives off route and stops at the end of town.” That explained to me why there were no signs and just one bus stop for the last 40minutes.
“You have to get off now. Run to the east until you see a road and wave a taxi there” I was frightened and she followed saying “i’ll get off with you, show you the way” We stood up and every head turned to us. We hurried to the door and asked the driver to let us out but he wouldn’t.
The lady then smashed the glass with her umbrella and we leaped off the bus, running straight to the east. We kept running but i still saw no road or lights.
“Lets stop here for a moment” she said panting. When we finally caught our breath, she looked up at me, put her hand on my shoulder and said “finally... a meal to myself”.

Badger Mouth

Spirits sometimes latch onto people or places. They build a little nest and stay wherever they feel comfortable. For most people this is just a theoretical concept, spirits and possessions and hauntings. Unfortunately for me, a badger died in my garage and its spirit made a comfy nest in my mouth. Yeah, seriously. A dead badger lives in my mouth.

The first time I realized it was there, I had just gotten in an argument with my mom. She was mad I'd gotten a B on my seventh grade English paper. I tried to explain that the teacher legitimately hated me and that I never had a real shot at an A, but she didn't believe me. Things got heated and that badger woke up from the noise, leapt out of my mouth and clawed my mom's left eye out. Then it crawled back into my mouth, which was unfortunately agape due to what I'd just witnessed. Mom couldn't explain where the badger had come from, or where it had gone, but one thing was certain, her eye was gone, as was a fair bit of skin on that side of her face.

It didn't take any more incidents to convince me of my new reality. I trusted my own eyes, and knew what I saw. A ghost badger lived in my mouth. Loud noises displeased it. These were the facts. So, I kept my mouth shut when I could, and spoke in a whisper when I couldn't.

The badger slept soundly for years, only making itself known by the occasional growl, rumbling through my throat. Almost a purr, really. I never argued with anyone, never raised my voice or let out a happy yell, but to my dismay, there was one emotion I couldn't keep in check. The emotion that let the badger out of the mouth, if you will; fear. It was my senior year of high school, and a prank was being planned by my best friend. It was supposed to be a fun joke, something to laugh about. But when I opened my locker and the cloud of fake spiders flew out at me, I opened my mouth, and I screamed.

The badger leapt out, searching for the cause of my distress, the cause of the noise. There were two dozen students in view. All looking at me, all laughing at the funny joke, and it went on a rampage.

It tore at eyes and throats. It bit through ears and noses. It took fingers and tongues. The hall was filled with blood by the time it forced its way back into my mouth.

I shut my mouth forever after that, refusing to even speak in a whisper. I still feel the growls in my throat, and as much as I try to control it, I can't shake the anxiety. I'm scared all the time, and I'm afraid I will lose control any day now.

It's tough to have a badger living in your mouth.