Beach Clean Up

The Beach Clean-up was the first formal event held. It was conducted in collaboration with 'Change is us', on 24th October on the coasts of Girgaum Chowpatty. There were over 150 volunteers who participated in the cleanup drive. Our Beach cleanup project was like ripples in a pond. It aided in beach restoration and also prevented debris from flowing back into the sea. It helped to restore the beach while also preventing garbage from pouring back.

Foot Slog

On 12th February 2022 the Council Organized a trek amidst nature called ”FootSlog” to Kothaligad, Karjat. There were 200 trekkers who participated for Footslog. The trek was 8.2 km long and took around 6 hours to complete the trail. This event was organized with a motto to nurture and deepen the spirit of adventure which is inherent in all human beings. In addition, every individual should be encouraged to have confidence, cooperate, and work as a team.

Mic Drop Al-Fresco

Besides engaging students with one another and fostering social bonds, it offered an opportunity for upcoming artists to showcase their works and for small businesses to market their products. We succeeded in reaching our goal which benefited the audience interms of entertainment, social interaction, stalls got the closure they needed, artists found it wonderful to perform in front of the enthusiastic crowd, people enjoyed the atmosphere and the event was pulled-off smoothly.