Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE


Immediate Past President:Joshua Fernandes

Core Team:

  • President:Nachiket Nisal
  • Vice President:Aishwarya Parulekar
  • Secretary:Cassia Vaz
  • Joint Secretary & Technical Head:Mohit Kunder
  • Sergeant At Arms Officer & Marketing Head:Pranavnath Tiwari
  • PR Head:Simren Batra
  • Treasurer:Dhwani Rajgaur
  • DTP Head:Sujoy Sawant

Board Of Directors:

  • Club Service Director:Mukesh Purohit
  • Community Service Director:Hanita Rego
  • Professional Development Director:Hrithik Gupta
  • Task Force Director:Saptarshi Chatterjee
  • Public Relations Director:Leandra Monteiro
  • Public Relations Director:Kraig Fernandes
  • Marketing Director:Saloni Khanna

Installation Ceremony

The Rotaract club of FR CRCE hosted its 3rd Installation ceremony of the new office bearers on August 24, 2019. Chief guest Rtn.Amarjeet Singh Shaberwal graced the programme with his presence. The ceremony commenced with National Anthem. The President of the year 2018-19, Joshua Fernandes called the meeting to order. He welcomed everyone and was presented with the collar by Sergeant at Arms, Nathan Fernandes of the year 2018-19. A Secretariat report about the club activities in the year 2018-19 was presented by the Rtr. Bevan Jacinto and Rtr. Shrea George.

The entire team for the year 2018-19 was felicitated with the certificates by the honorable chief guest. Rtr. Shreya sunil, vice president of the year 2018-19 delivered the farewell speech. Rtr. Joshua Fernandes, President of the year 2018-19 gave his outgoing speech. The President 2019-20, Rtr. Nachiket Nisal was collared by the outgoing President Rtr. Joshua Fernandes .

The new appointees were presented with the badges. The newly appointed President, Nachiket Nisal unravelled the club materials and the activity planner for the year 2019-20. Our chief guest congratulated the office bearers and motivated them to give their best, working for the betterment of the society. Nachiket Nisal, the President 2019-20 delivered his acceptance speech.The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the Vice President, Aishwarya Parulekar. The meeting was adjourned by the new President, Nachiket Nisal.


The Rotaract club of Fr CRCE conducted one of it’s most popular events, AMAZING RACE on the 30th of September during the college fest, Synergy'19. It is a very exhilarating event, a treasure hunt of sorts spread through the entirety of Bandra West. This year, we introduced a new game plan and took the event up a notch by incorporating a larger riddle by using colours of the spectrum, VIBGYOR.

There were multiple teams consisting of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 members. Each team had to have a captain. Each captain received a text marking the start of the game. The message also included a hint regarding the location of the first flag. There were 7 different flags located at 7 different locations all across Bandra West. Each flag will have a code with a hint regarding the whereabouts of the next flag written on one side and a piece of the puzzle to give you the location of the final clue(pot of gold) on the other. At every checkpoint, all the team members had to be present and a task had to be performed to receive the next flag. The tasks assigned included the bottle flip challenge, piggyback racing etc. If a task assigned to the team wasn't completed by them, they suffered a penalty of two minutes. Once a team successfully collected all the 7 coloured flags, each flag had a letter written behind it and when arranged in the order of VIBGYOR, gave them the word 'Samvaad'. As the last clue stated, 'Home is where the anchor drops', the team had to rush to Samvaad to get the white flag and the first team to run through the basketball court with the white flag in their hands were declared as the winners!

This adrenaline packed treasure hunt kept the teams completely engaged and also gave the first year's an idea about the locality. It is one of our trademark Synergy events.


The Rotaract Club of Fr CRCE conducted one of it’s most popular events, Footpool, on the 30th of September during Synergy Fest 2019. This has been conducted for 3 consecutive years and is looked forward to by the students of the college every year. The game is a unique mix of Football and Pool. We had an approximate participation of 70 people.

As the name suggests the game revolves around the concept of a hybrid where football meets pool. Each contender gets a striker ball (white ball) which they need to use to dunk the other balls in and is given a time limit of 90 seconds. The game consists of 6 balls arranged in the formation of 3-2-1, allotted with the points 20,50,100 each. The player must stop the striker ball and then aim at the next ball. The person who dunks the most amount of balls in the least amount of time, wins. 10 points will be deducted as a penalty if the striker ball is hit/stopped when it is in motion or if the striker ball goes into any one of the pockets. A penalty if 10 points will also be applied if the striker ball doesn't hit any ball. Overall, it was an event enjoyed by both boys and girls and making it to the leaderboard kept the competition tight!


On September 14th 2019, the Rotaract club of Fr. CRCE organized its annual trek for the student of Fr. CRCE. The trek received a participation of 110 students assisted with two college professors. The reporting point for all the participants was at the Bandra station. The attendance was taken at the Bandra station and all participants were sent to their respective buses. At 6:30pm the buses left from Bandra talao. At 8:00am a halt was taken at a food court in order to provide breakfast.

All the participants then assembled at the Patan village at 11am. The students were guided by the trek professionals who explained us about the journey to the top and the care and measures to be taken during the climb. The trek then began at 11:15pm . All of them made it to the top at 1pm, witnessing the serene scenery. The descending to the base village started at 2:30pm. We reached back to the Patan village at 5pm and then headed to the restaurant “SUNNY DA DHABA”. We then departed from the restaurant at 6:45pm and reach Bandra station at 9:30pm.

Mic Drop 2.0

The Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE organised one of its most anticipated events of the academic year on 9rd October 2019, MIC DROP 2.0.

The event made a comeback after a very successful first edition during the previous year. This year, we had the honour of having 6 artists with us, all from different genres of the performing industry.We invited stand-up comedians, a slam poet and a very acclaimed rapper to our event. It was conducted on account of National Poetry Day and we celebrated the various modern manifestations of poetry through our multi genre event.

Our line-up consisted of Munawar Faruqui, our host for the event, who had the audience captivated with his fresh humour and captivating antics throughout the show. Kajol Srinivasan, another upcoming comedian, had everyone in fits of laughter throughout her set with her witty anecdotes.We also had Nathan Gomes whose sharp witted observational comedy paired with his infectious energy had the room chuckling throughout.Simar Singh, a slam poet and the founder of the very popular UnErase Poetry, touched everyone’s hearts with his stirring words and evocative recital.

In addition to this marvellous line-up, we also had the pleasure of witnessing Yeda Anna, a multitalented freestyle rapper who had everyone on the edge of their seats. He also did something very unique- on the spot rap, which was appreciated by everyone.Last but not the least, we had the immense honour of having Samay Raina, the winner of Comicstaan 2, perform live at our event. Armed with an eclectic set, paired with his persona and charm, his performance truly made it a memorable night for everyone to cherish.To sum up, Mic Drop 2.0, was a very successful event and an enthralling night which will be remembered fondly.

The Heart And Sole Run 3

Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE organised its flagship event, ’The Heart and Sole Run 3’ on 1st March 2020. This run was organised in association with the NGOs ‘Bigger Than Life’ and ‘Swapnavana’. Bigger Than Life NGO supports the education of underprivileged children and promotes women empowerment by providing them various employment opportunities. Swapnavana is a NGO supporting the cause, reforestation, by working on a 15 acres land in Karjat. Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE collaborated with the following NGOs to support their respective cause and contribute towards the society.

The Heart and Sole Run 3 consisted of four different runs- Grit Run(15 Km), Eco Run(10Km), Dream Run(5 Km) and CitizenCredit Run(1.5Km). Grit Run and Eco Run were timed runs, with RFID technology which gave runners accurate timing of their run. The run was hosted on Townscript for online registrations.

Looking at the impact and scale of ‘The Heart and Sole Run 3’, many brands and companies came forward for being the proud sponsors. Pepe Jeans, CitizenCredit Bank, Mumbai Wellness Centre and MonQo happily associated with the event.

The Heart and Sole Run 3 began with the flag-off by our Chief Guest Ms. Rachita Mistry at 6:15am in the morning. All the runners participated enthusiastically and completed the run successfully to win their finisher medals and certificates. A post-run Zumba session helped the runners to relax their muscles and enjoy their breakfast. Winners of the run were felicitated by Chief Guest- Ms. Rachita Mistry, Guest of Honour-Ms Gloria Moraes, Dean of student affairsDr. Deepak Bhoir and Faculty in charge of Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE- Mrs. Sujata Deshmukh. A total of 700 participants from all over Mumbai contributed along with Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE to make a difference in the society

NGO Project: Our Only Home

‘Our Only Home’ was an initiative by Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE in association with Bigger Than Life NGO, to create awareness about the environmental problems faced by the planet. In this project, the club designed a very unique and interesting pattern with practical implementation of the knowledge. The focus of this project was to create a sense of awareness amongst the children of the NGO.

Various topics like- Global Warming and Pollution Control, Uses of Rainwater in Daily Life, Tree Plantation and Importance of Cleanliness, were covered in this project. Every topic was allotted a separate session. Rotaract council members were assisted by volunteers from Fr. CRCE. These sessions gave an opportunity to college students to interact with the NGO kids and put a smile on their face.