The Heart & Sole Run 4

#ChangingLives. Taking this into consideration, the Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE organized the 'Heart & Sole Run 4' on 13th and 14th of March, 2021. It was a Pan India Virtual Marathon and was done to help and support a NGO - CORP which provides access to fundamental social services such as education, health care, nutrition and vocational training, enabling communities to pull the underprivileged out of poverty and become self-reliant, independent and socially responsible. More than 200 families from slums and low income areas were helped from all over Mumbai through this event. This event consisted of 4 types of runs with respect to the distance covered - 1.5 km race - CitizenCredit Run, 5 km race - Dream run, 10 km - Heat run, 15 km - Grit run. There were more than 450 participants who enthusiastically participated in this event. Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE will continue to host such events and reach out to people in need adhering to the motto #ChangingLives.

Break The Stigma

Break the Stigma’ was an initiative by Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE in association with IEC Mumbai . A Mental health project,focusing on spreading awareness and talking to experts on this topic through a video series. The focus of this project was to create a sense of awareness amongst people suffering from any kind of mental health issues. Various topics covered in First Video- The meaning and Importance of mental health, Coping With Trauma and maintaining a Positive Mindset, The difference between Therapists and Psychiatrists and their Roles, Healthy Work Life Balance for Students, How to Motivate oneself through maintaining healthy habits, Exercises for Anxiety, The Psychological effects of crying after a Tragedy, One’s Social Circle and state of mind were covered in this project and The second video covers -The effect of the current education system on young minds, The impact of eating and sleeping patterns on mental health, Insomnia and its lasting effects. Binge eating: causes and repercussions, What causes addiction and its consequences, Substance abuse,Long and short term effects of drugs, especially cannabis, and alcohol, Why is tobacco, which has more adverse effects than marijuana, treated indifferently?. Every topic was addressed by the panel of experts. The videos got more than 1000 views and these sessions were helpful to people who suffered from psychological trauma and mental health disorders and also helped them know a bit more about themselves.

Red Wall Project

An artivism project initiated by trans rights activist and artist Kalki Subramaniam to empower the voices of the transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse people of India against sexual abuse and assault. The transgender person writes their painful experience of rejection, violence, hatred and abuse on a handmade paper and imprints their red palm on it. The aim of the project is to give them a voice, encourage them to speak about the injustice done to them, seek justice for the victims by bringing their testimonials to public and media and protest against the violence they face. The Rotaract club of Fr. CRCE took part in this initiative to support their cause. The students, their friends and family, the council members and many others supported this initiative by putting a red imprint of their palm on a piece of paper and uploading a picture of it on their social media handles, creating an awareness about the same.

Finding Your Indentity

It has been several years since the NALSA judgement, yet transgender people in India continue to face myriad problems. The stigma that the transgender community faces leads to lack of opportunity and cynical form of exclusion from benefits and acceptance. The repercussions of these are lack of proper school education and harassment. The Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE in collaboration with TWEET (Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust) foundation conducted a webinar to hear their experience and what it means to be a transgender in India. The session changed the mindset of the attendees towards transgender community and learnt to be supportive towards the community.

Whats your Genre

During the lockdown, everyone’s life became like a routine, with no source of entertainment or motivation. So we came up with What’s Your Genre - a professional development initiative where you can read, listen, binge, mix, mingle and socialize. The one-stop place for handpicked recommendations of poems, short stories, books, movies, podcasts, and videos based on a selected genre every month.